Friday, September 14, 2012

A New Day in Adult Ed

A new day has come. Just as Kim Kardashian changes her social life, California has changed the face of Aduldt Education by significantly cutting back on its budget. I am still a teacher, only now I have substitute status with LAUSD. It was kind of a shock at first, but now I feel free to pursue teaching and learning without the constraints of a massive bureaucracy looking over my shoulder. During my thirteen years with the district, I worked primarily at West Valley Occupational Center. I learned a lot, made many friends, and took my teaching to another level -- specifiically into teaching with technology, using both a laptop and an iPad in the classroom. Though money is tight now in California, I have faith that the State will rally and that Adult Education will come back in full force. There are many people I would like to thank: My former principal and mentor, Richard Wormus, a man with a vision who treated his staff like gold, Susan Holtz, for being my friend and for all her beautiful catering inspiration, Barry Bakin for all his tech help and my many students who taught me what it means to have courage and a love for life, no matter the circumstances. Thank you all!

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